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Inactive Gallbladder

Posted in Gallbladder over 7 years ago, 1 reply

I have recently been told I have an inactive gallbladder. They said there are no gallstones, and I have not had the extreme pain that many have with gallstones. The problem is I fell awful most of the time. I have headaches along w/ dizziness. Very strange pains in the breast themselves, like a sharp electrcal type pain. (In 2000 I had a lumpectomy for a very small cancer found in the right breast and had chemo & radiation. I swell up from the under the chestbone down and it is very, very sore to touch. At first the sickish feeling was from the waist to the belly button. Now it further down the belly.
They also told me quite some time ago that I had diverticulitus. And no matter what I eat anymore, I go to the bathroom a lot with a diahrea (?) like symptom.

My back hurts when I walk very much or stand very long. I really feel miserable. All these things have ffected me more over the past 6 months or so, and seem to getting worse and affect my normal day to day way of life. I need to know if all these symptoms could be caused by my gallbladder. My doctor wants me to have it taken care of ASAP, but the surgeon feels it is okay to wait another month.

My MD is afraid I may have big time troubles with it as I did with my kidney stones. I had to be taken be ambuland to KU Med Center in Kansas City, MO. The specialist told me I only had a few hours left and I would have lost the kidney or died. When they went in, pus poured out. The thing is, I never had any symptons. Since my temperature is normally around 96.8 to 97.6, if it goes to 98.6 to 99, it is normal to them. So they feel I am ok. If I get to 100 to 101, I am close to death. Also, I have extreme night sweats on my back and between my legs.

Are all these symptoms related to the inactive gallbladder? If not, is it necessary to remove it? Could the diverticulitus have something to do with it?
Could I possibly have a hiatal (?) hernia that is causing the pain under the sternum and breast pain?

To let you know about myself, I am a 54 year old, black female, weighing 360 pounds. I have high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression. These things I have fought several years.
And I am still adjusting in handling these.

Look for to your reply.

I am having mine removed next Monday and can't wait, My symptoms are very much the same as yours. I know I will feel so much better when it is over. I would have had it out a week ago, but have to have the old ticker checked first. I am looking forward to a short recovery and feeling better than I have in several months.

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